Did I tell you about the time I tried to make butternut squash ravioli?

My efforts to make this dinner, at least, were very impressive. I made the pasta. I rolled the pasta. I hand-cut, filled and sealed the ravioli. And they weren’t ultimately half-bad, but I should have made the pasta much much thinner. It was pretty bland, and of course the brown butter wasn’t brown so it was kind of pointless. My boyfriend insisted he liked it, and I have no reason to doubt him, but I was not completely pleased. I think I got a bit ahead of myself in thinking I could just effortlessly throw something like this together. Mind you it wasn’t hard exactly but making pasta does take a bit of time, plus I used a new-to-me recipe for the noodles and I think it wasn’t the best choice. (It was Lidia Bastianich’s, if you’re interested. My KitchenAid recipe is much better.)

I’m so much better at desserts, which is why I turned to snickerdoodles this afternoon. I used the recipe from Smitten Kitchen and it was pretty foolproof. The only issue I had was some burning on the first batch, but when I switched from a dark sheet pan to a light one that solved it.

I’m getting lazy about my camera again. But I think you get the idea. Cookies!

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