Catching up

In late December we bought a house and while it would be an outright lie to say “oh I’ve been so busy with the house that I haven’t a moment to bake or knit anything!!!!” it would not be a lie to say that between moving and all that entails, as well as regular life, and doing some wedding stuff, my inclination to sit down and post about it all has dropped dramatically.

I am still baking things.

Blueberry lemon quick bread

I was wary of the electric stove that came with the house, and while I do still kind of despise the electric range I am absolutely in love with the electric oven. The gas oven at our old apartment had taken to shutting itself off 99% of the time (disastrous for baking); it was also highly inaccurate in the temperature department. The electric oven bakes everything much more evenly and as a bonus it STAYS ON until I turn it off.

There’s also been knitting happening! Knitting and finishing. Of course I am finishing stuff I meant to finish in November, but. Best-laid plans and all that.

Anyway, the house. It’s essentially a blank canvas, having been re-painted very neutrally before we moved in. We’re in the process of taking care of fun things (curtains, furniture, etc) and the less fun things (replacing the sliding glass patio door, gutter repairs, minor electrical stuff) in more or less alternating doses.

I can’t help crabbing about how expensive everything seems to be, and how it can be easy to become frozen under the sometimes-staggering to-do list (i.e., if you get curtains, you need curtain rods, and then maybe paint, then lighting, then a rug, and on and on and on FOREVER). But then I remembered being 26 years old and living in a basement apartment and having no money, like really really no money, and about how I would cover wooden crates with fabric or glue fringe to an old lampshade or thumbtack a printed scarf to a wooden frame and hang it up as art, and I thought, well I can certainly manage to tackle this more or less one room at a time. So from time to time I’ll share those things as well, and tag them “house” and you can view them or not at your leisure.

The recipe for the bread pictured above was based on Orange Chocolate Chunk Quick Bread on My Baking Addiction.

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