Year’s end.

Every time I bake or cook something, I think: I’ve got to create a post for this. But then I don’t. I guess the desire to blog ebbs and flows. Sometimes the “happening” of life becomes more pressing than the “recording” of it and that’s fine. But I do miss taking pictures of food and sharing recipes and all of that. I only posted three times in 2014. THREE. I’m not sure if anyone is even out there, but I like knowing this space is here if I want it.

A lot happened this year! That’s an understatement.

On December 21 we toasted one year since moving into our house, and really, I’ve continued to marvel at all we accomplished house-wise during that year. We had a long and ambitious list of things we wanted to change about the house and we knocked some big ones off the list, including adding air conditioning and replacing the patio doors and refinishing some of the floors. Our painter (and friend) tells us we’ve put 23 gallons of paint on the walls! After all of that you’d think we’d be content to rest on those laurels for a while but of course with a house there is literally ALWAYS more to do so why rush it.

We also got married, and it sounds silly but a wedding can be very time consuming if you let it. It’s not so much a matter of the actual marriage taking up a lot of time but there are showers and parties and appointments and phone calls and you find yourself letting Regular Life kind of slide a bit. In 2014 my house was not as clean as it could have been and I did not exercise as much as I could have and I definitely could have been more frugal but: oh well. I also drank more Champagne than I have in any other year prior and I went to Ireland twice and the second time I came back with a husband so it seems to have all worked out pretty well, in the end. Most days I still can’t believe we really pulled it off.

In 2014 I changed jobs, technically, not by choice but because my company was acquired. I ended up better off for the most part but the process took a long time and was by turns stressful and very, very boring. I found out about the acquisition in July and didn’t learn my “fate” until late September; during this time frame I left the country for 8 days to get married. I didn’t talk about it much, especially to family; primarily because I didn’t want them to worry but also, selfishly, because I didn’t want to answer a lot of questions (or think about it!) while trying to enjoy traveling/our wedding/being a newlywed. It all worked out, in the end. I feel like life is always trying to teach me some grand lesson about worrying/anxiety but who knows if I will ever learn it.

In any event, this is all by way of explanation as to why 2014 was a slow year for me in baking and cooking. I seemed to have had an inordinate number of cooking fails, maybe because I was distracted by all of the above? Or maybe I am just better off sticking to baking. I bought a scone pan which has been a great thing and I look forward to feeding many of them to people in the year to come; I also replaced my cupcake carrier which you may recall was destroyed in our apartment fire in April 2013. (It is a real pain to transport cupcakes without one.)

I would like to say that I’ll post here more but who knows. I enjoy it and often it seems like a good outlet or good practice (for something…I’m not sure what, precisely). Regardless of what goes on in this space, I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous 2015 and that you’re doing something you enjoy for New Year’s Eve…even if that’s nothing in particular.

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