Berry and cinnamon swirl bread.

We’re having my parents over for brunch next weekend, so I’ve begun looking at recipes. I want to make something that I wouldn’t ordinarily make just for the two of us, like baked French toast. I just happened to get my King Arthur catalog in the mail last week and pretty much immediately fixated on the recipe for Joy’s Triple Berry Cinnamon Swirl Bread.

I’ve perused Joy’s blog frequently and have made a couple of her recipes, but I like that this one was also vetted by KA. I’ve yet to really find fault with any of their recipes so I felt more confident going into this whole process. You see, me and bread are not the best of friends yet. I think we will be someday, and I’m making progress, but it’s been a struggle, so I decided to do a test run of this recipe before having my family over.

breadI made it on a Sunday morning and had grand visions of waking up early, getting this bread in the oven and my husband waking up to the heavenly aroma of baking. That didn’t happen, primarily because I didn’t get up quite as early as I might have; and also because I neglected to read the part where KA wants you to give the bread a second rising of 45 minutes. (The recipe notes you can dispense with this, and Joy’s original recipe does, but I wanted to try it by the letter.)

So, the final result was very good. It’s the first time I’ve made a sweet dough that I was satisfied with, both in terms of how it came together (rather effortlessly, and I just used a bowl and a wooden spoon) and in the finished baked result. It was not soggy or under baked at all, miracle of miracles. I do think my yeast might be a bit past its prime, because the dough didn’t rise as I’d have liked; but it did not seem to suffer much in the end.

I used strawberries and raspberries in the filling; next time I’d add blueberries as well but I didn’t feel like thawing/draining the ones I had in the freezer. I also melted the butter for the filling. It’s easier and has no effect on the final result. To bake the bread, I used a tube pan with a removable bottom, well-greased with KA’s food release spray.

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