I Knit Some Things.

I haven’t posted much about the fiber part of Carbs & Fiber but I actually completed some knitting projects lately. Mostly I’ve been turning out dishcloths from the book 52 Weeks of Dishcloths (half the patterns are knitting, half crochet). There’s also a nice page of free patterns from Knitpicks, if you’re interested. Dishcloths are satisfying to me because they offer nearly immediate gratification, plus it’s a good way to get into new stitches or techniques in a low-risk way.

image_medium2-1 image_medium2-2 image_medium2

I also finished a wee sweater that was gifted to one of my husband’s colleagues.

image_medium2-3Other than that, I’m working on my Heirloom lap blanket in a light green wool. It’s a baby blanket pattern, but hand-wash wool seems like a cruel thing to do to parents of a baby; at this point I just plan on knitting until I run out of the yarn I bought for it and enjoy it myself or give it away as a small throw.

Before we got married my husband was often after me to knit him a sweater. I kept putting him off citing the sweater curse as a solid reason but now that things have been made official I have lost my excuse. So I’m looking for a good pattern and then I suppose I’ll think about it for a year or so more and then buy the yarn; at that point I guess I’ll have to start knitting.

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