ATK British-Style Currant Scones

IMG_1416As I’ve mentioned before I have a scone-specific obsession. On our trips to Ireland I insist on packing myself full of scones and of course they vary in style and quality like any other food item, but trying to replicate the taste and texture of the best ones once we’re home has been a (delicious, flour-y) challenge.

I wrote once before about the King Arthur blueberry scone recipe but that’s not the recipe I’ve settled on lo these many months since. Since then I’ve relied on this one (adapted from, adapted from something called USA Weekend, so it goes with recipes on the internet), with the minor modification that I typically use yogurt instead of sour cream simply because I am more likely to have it in the house. And I don’t glaze them. But it is a very solid recipe. I’ve baked these a lot, a lot a lot, and people seem to really like them. But they are not really the type of scone that I have been aiming to make. They are somewhat closer to muffins or cake in texture and although I haven’t heard anyone complain about them, I’m still looking for scone recipes.

One night recently I was watching America’s Test Kitchen which if you didn’t know is the best television show in history. I could watch it on an endless loop for days, probably. I find it very soothing and while I know people have complicated Feelings re: Christopher Kimball he doesn’t bug me in the least. I’ve made a number of recipes from this show and from Cook’s Country and they’ve never been anything but excellent. In any event this particular episode included British-Style Currant Scones so I sat up and took notice.

There was a great deal of talk comparing American-style scones to the more traditional variety and upon close inspection my heretofore go-to blueberry recipe does not differ from the ATK recipe too much. Same amount of sugar, same amount of butter. Dairy – yogurt as opposed to whole milk. So I will thank you not to America-shame me, ATK.

The big difference of course is a whopping two tablespoons of baking powder instead of a mere teaspoon. Also, I didn’t use my scone pan for these, though I might next time! They were very wonderful and much more in line with the texture I am looking for.

Perhaps you have a membership to America’s Test Kitchen? I don’t either! But if you complete a free registration you can access current-season content including this scone recipe.

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