Best Almond Cake

I’m still in an America’s Test Kitchen rut, this time with their Best Almond Cake. It’s from the same episode as the British-Style Currant Scones. (Free registration is required to get both of these recipes.)

I’ve been wanting to make an almond cake for a while. My husband is a big fan of marzipan and almond pastries in general, so I took the opportunity of my parents joining us for dinner on Mother’s Day to try this recipe. It’s mixed entirely in the food processor which really lights up all my laziness sensors because not only does everything get thoroughly mixed in no time, I don’t have to hand-wash anything afterward. Everyone into the dishwasher!

IMG_1429Because I was in a bit of a hurry when I finally got around to putting the cake together, this very easy recipe became kind of a circus but that is entirely operator error. First of all I nearly forgot that the almonds needed to be toasted, and then I forgot they needed to be cooled before being processed with the flour; then I dumped the entire amount of almonds into the flour mixture instead of reserving a third of a cup for the topping; then I neglected to pay attention to my butter-melting and let it boil over in the microwave, which meant I needed to both start that bit from scratch and clean out the microwave. It’s also possible I put in an additional 1/4 teaspoon of baking powder. Whee!

But! It turned out really well, in spite of all this. The extra 1/3 cup of almonds do not seem to have had a detrimental effect. The cake was a bit more domed than promised, so perhaps I did add that extra measure of baking powder. I’ll just have to make another delicious cake to find out.

The only real issue I had was when I inverted the cake onto a cooling rack, I lost several chunks of the crispy sugar and almond crust on top of the cake. Next time I’ll invert more gently, and over a towel instead of the sink. Then if there are large pieces of crust that come off I can replace them.

I’ll certainly make this again…maybe just not in such a hurry?

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