Roasted Spring Vegetables and Couscous

Hi! Please note the use of the word “spring” in the post title. It’s been spring since late March by the calendar but it snowed here on Sunday morning, with accumulation, which was annoying and not at all conducive to doing things like planting herbs or eating outside on the patio (the patio that was covered in S… Continue reading Roasted Spring Vegetables and Couscous

Ice cream sandwich experiment.

Ambrosia is one of my favorite baking blogs, even if most of the items I see there remain (for me) aspirational rather than fully realized. I have however made her crumb cake, the dark chocolate caramel tart of course, the chocolate chip cookie dough cheesecake bars and before the summer is out I’d like to… Continue reading Ice cream sandwich experiment.

Best cookies of 1910-1920: Ginger Creams

I have written with great affection about the Betty Crocker Cooky Book before, and recently I decided to embark on a project concerning not just the book but my absolutely favorite part of the book, the “great cookies of history” section. Really, it is called “Betty Crocker’s Best Cookies” but my version sounds more interesting. When… Continue reading Best cookies of 1910-1920: Ginger Creams